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MagicWindow - Current Version : 5.06

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MagicWindow is a NetObjects Fusion v4/5/MX/7 component for creating scrollable "windows" within a web page for displaying text, graphics, links, etc.

  • See Ali Lister's Magic Window review

    MagicWindow is easy to use. Simply specify a web page that's already been created and published and MagicWindow will get that page and place it within a scrollable area that you define. You can even grab pages off the internet!

    MagicWindow has the following features:

    • Select a web page to display in the scrollable area through either a local drive or a URL
    • Customizable up and down buttons to control scrolling
    • Other Customizable Options:
      • Scroll speed
      • Padding
      • Color background
      • Optional border around scroll area

    Note: Scripted actions will be stripped from the HTML in order for the page to be displayed without error.

    MagicWindow is compatible with all 4.0 and above versions of both Netscape and Internet Explorer. However, MagicWindow does not work on IE for Macintosh.

    (component download size: 1.19 Mb)








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    purchase tutorial example release history, known issues, faqs


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