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DynamicMenu2 - Current Version : 5.10

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DynamicMenu2 is an upgrade for the original DynamicMenu. If you own DynamicMenu and would like to upgrade to DynamicMenu2 please click here.

DynamicMenu2 is NetObjects Fusion v4/5/MX/7 component that produces a dynamic HTML navigation menu bar. It's a breeze to use and works well to enhance your site's navigation!

DynamicMenu2 is simple to configure. Menu content is specified by using Fusion's link selector. Colors, fonts, sizing and more are also configurable.

DynamicMenu2 is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Netscape 4.0 and up (including Netscape 6!)
  • Internet Explorer 4.0* and up
    * may not work on IE4.5 for Macs.
But it does not work with Opera.

Other features include:
  • Horizontal or vertical menu bar
  • Menus can open top or bottom on a horizontal menu bar or left or right on a vertical menu bar
  • Menus open on mouse over or on mouse click
  • Menu bar can be placed anywhere on page
  • Can have multiple menu bars on a single page

Note: DynamicMenu2 can create menus only one level deep, as shown in the graphics above and on the Example page.








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purchase tutorial example release history, known issues, faqs


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