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ThumbsUp - Current Version : 5.10

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ThumbsUp is a NetObjects Fusion version 4/5/MX/7/7.5/8 component which allows you to drop an image onto a page, size it as a small thumbnail graphic, and have the thumbnail graphic automatically linked to a perfectly sized pop-up window.

ThumbsUp 7.00 deploys coolmaps next generation interface. Users access it from the component selector found on the new coolmaps toolbar.

Although ThumbsUp does not replace PopRocket, it is being sold as an upgrade to that component. If you own PopRocket and would like to upgrade to ThumbsUp please click here.

If you own CoolTips, the thumbnail can also pop-up a hover-image on mouse-over or on mouse-click.

ThumbsUp has the following features:

  • Thumbnails sized either by hand or percentage
  • Works on mouseclick or mouseover
  • Full image shows up in new popup window
  • Full integration with CoolTips

(component download size: 1.22 Mb)








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purchase tutorial example release history, known issues, faqs


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