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StarSearch is a NetObjects Fusion v4/5/MX/7 component, released in May 2001, which combines the features of the components WebSearch and SiteSearch. Originally, WebSearch set up a keyword search of only external web pages, and SiteSearch set up a keyword search of all pages in the current Fusion site.

The name does not refer to the cheezy talent show of the 90s hosted by Ed McMahon. StarSearch (or really *Search) refers to the fact that this component can be used to create a keyword search of all web page - those that are on your site and those that are not.

To use StarSearch, you select whether you want to do a SiteSearch, a WebSearch, or both combined.

If you choose a SiteSearch, you can select to include all the pages of your site in the search, or you can exclude certain pages.

You must be online to index external pages.

If you choose a WebSearch, you provide the component with a list of URLs to add to your search. On publish, StarSearch will actually go out on the web and extract keywords from your pages.

It is a great way to get your users to find pages in Fusion sites that are published with multiple NOD files.

Not only can StarSearch provide search access to your personal list of URLs, you can also use StarSearch to index pages in another part of your own site that was published using a nod that you are not currently working in.

We strongly recommend StarSearch be used only on sites of less than 75 pages with light to medium text. Failure to follow this suggestion will result in detrimental StarSearch performance.

StarSearch has the following features:

  • Search index can include all the keywords on all the pages of your current site.
  • Search index can include keywords on as many webpages as you want.
  • Uses page titles and descriptions in metatags to identify pages for search results.
  • Requires no server-side support, nor any linking to remote servers.
  • Supplies your end-users only with the pages you want to show them.








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purchase tutorial example release history, known issues, faqs


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