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FormUlator - Current Version : 5.03

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FormUlator is a NetObjects Fusion 4/5/MX/7 component for calculating form fields. It is extremely flexible and can be configured to handle a wide range of form field calculations.

As part of the flexibility, there is a learning curve with FormUlator that's greater than with most other Fusion components. Careful reading of the tutorial and experimenting with the demo are highly recommended before proceeding with purchase and usage.

Using FormUlator will require at least a (very) basic knowledge of algebra.

  • Works with text fields, hidden fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and combo boxes.
  • Can have an unlimited number of form fields in the calculations.
  • Use of JavaScript Math functions such as square root, powers, and rounding.
  • Specify number of decimals places to calculate to.
  • Outputs calculation total to a text or hidden field.
  • Works with FormValidator.

Note: FormUlator utilizes client-side JavaScript. As a result, it will not work in browsers that do not support JavaScript. This will only affect a very small number of web visitors.








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purchase tutorial example release history, known issues, faqs


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