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CountDown - Current Version : 5.00

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CountDown is a NetObjects Fusion version 4/5/MX/7 component which allows you to create dynamic text on your page that shows the amount of time until a date in the future. The time ticks away while users view your page, and it is updated with each refresh.

You select the date and time that the event begins, the units in which to count (years, days, hours, minutes, seconds or any combination thereof), and the fonts. CountDown can build excitement for an upcoming event and keep your users coming back for more. If seconds are chosen as a unit of time, they tick off one by one in front of the users eyes. This makes you site cooler and increases the importance of the event.

CountDown can be left on the page indefinitely. You can set the component to display a message while the event is occuring and another message to display when the event is over.

As you can see CountDown is another quick and easy way to add cool functionality to your website. Don't wait another second ... get it today!

CountDown has the following features:

  • Event is entered as a date and a time
  • Time/Date units and the associated text that are displayed are set using a simple script inside the component
  • Seperate font/color settings for text and time/date units
  • Special text to appear while event occurs
  • Special text to appear after event occurs

CountDown is compatible with Netscape 4+ and Internet Explorer 4+.

(component download size: 1.22 Mb)








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purchase tutorial example release history, known issues, faqs


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