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TimeTracker - Current Version : 5.01

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TimeTracker is a NetObjects Fusion version 4/5/MX/7 component which allows you to keep a log of all the time you spend building websites in Fusion.

After you place the TimeTracker component into your masterborder, every minute you spend designing and editing your website will be entered into a log file. You can view that log file at any time to see how long specific users spent on specific tasks on specific pages.

If you are a web designer, TimeTracker will give you an honest report on how much time you really spent on a site so you can bill your customer accurately. Many designers find themselves underbilling for work done. TimeTracker is a great tool for getting out of that costly habit!

Getting started with TimeTracker is easy! Just drop in the masterborder. When you set the status to "On" in the properties palette, you will immediately start logging your time. TimeTracker log fields include:

  • Site name
  • Name of the page in the site
  • The time entering that page
  • The time exiting the page
  • The time of the last save
  • The name of the user
  • The name of the task
  • Time spent on the page

The log file itself is created as comma-delimited text so you can open it up in any text editor or in Excel where you can sort and total the columns.

TimeTracker has the following features:

  • Turn the log off and on at any time.
  • Specify and change the user and tasks that are included with each log entry.
  • A seperate log entry is made for each page you work on.
  • Can save log entries in a site specific file, or in a master file of all your work.

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