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At first glance, FauxGraphic may appear to be an insignificant component in the coolmaps components arsenal. But it is the opinion of this author that FauxGraphic is genuinely one of the most useful and efficient ways to create psuedo-images for everyday web use.

What's a FauxGraphic?
Just like faux fur is not real fur, FauxGraphic is not a real graphic, in the traditional sense. A FauxGraphic, in total, is 3 images that when combined with text and a HTML table creates a big look with a very small download time.

A FauxGraphic's 3 images are generally small in size. The images below are examples of a set of 3 FauxGraphic images. As you can see, there is left image, a middle image, and a right image.

left image middle image right image

The combined size of these images is just over 2k. That's a fraction of a second download time for most web visitors.

When the 3 images are combined in a three cell table like so:


(border added for demonstration only)

they produce what appears to be a single image.


But it's not an single image! It's a FauxGraphic!

If you're curious about the middle image, it is enlarged due to it being set as the background of the middle cell of the table. Just as the wallpaper on you computer desktop tiles to fill the screen, so does the middle image to fill the cell's background.

You Want to Make Something of It?
To really make something out of FauxGraphic, text is a must. When text is added to the middle cell of the table, it appears on top of the cell background image creating a pretty cool effect.

FauxGraphic w/text

FauxGraphic can be used for creating buttons, banners, or whatever else your imagination can come up with.

Plain FauxGraphics






FauxGraphic as buttons
(click on them)

FauxGraphic Tutorial

FauxGraphic Style Tutorial


FauxGraphic as a banner


Caching by a web browser makes FauxGraphic truly efficient. A browser downloads an image only once and then caches it for later use. Every instance of the image after the first is displayed from the cache.

The caching allows for an unlimited number of FauxGraphics to be displayed with minimal downloading.

Say there are 50 FauxGraphics on a page (like the small ones above). For all of them to be displayed, only 3 images need to be downloaded, for a total download of just over 2k.

In comparison, if the graphics were normal images, there would be 50 images to download with a combined download of over 100k!

More About FauxGraphic
FauxGraphic comes with 6 styles. See the examples.

The fun doesn't stop with the 6 included styles. You can easily make your own FauxGraphic styles. It's easy and takes very little time. Read the FauxGraphic Style Tutorial to learn how!

If you already own FauxGraphic, you can download it from your my.components page. If you're interested in purchasing FauxGraphic, it can be purchased here.

To learn how to use FauxGraphic, please refer to the tutorial.

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