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KROW's Do's & Dont's of Web Design
KROW and her friend Officer Linkey are in hot pursuit of the things to do and not to do when designing your web sites. Make sure you read her article before you get pulled over for a misdemeanor.
[ KROW's Do's & Don'ts Article ]

Marketing and Sales with Steve Hall
Who says we are not in this for the money? This month, Steve Hall talks about how to negotiate the right price for your services - and he will charge you less than $100,000 for the advice.
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CCC Member Profile: Peter Ericson
Alex Matthews bought his first computer with his earnings as a paperboy. Now instead of delivering papers, he delivers cool web sites and other interactive content.
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Domain Name Registration
Since we announced our registration program, hordes of CCC members have been registering new domain names and renewing old ones with the Club. Members pay only $12 per year per domain name!
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Component List
The CCC now has over 50 components available for Fusion. Some are good for navigation, some help display images, others create interactivity on your site. They all have creative names and cute icons. There is bound to be at least one component that can help you today.
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Update Page
ThumbsUp and MouseTrap were updated this month. Make sure you have the latest versions of all your owned components.
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Cool Store - Coolmaps T-Shirts, Mugs
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Add an Atomz Search to Your Site
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