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Moving Pictures

Ali Lister enthuses about her favorite components, and asks “so when did you last *feel* your web site?”

Although most of us have a pretty good knowledge of the range of Coolmaps components,  and some of us could probably explain how they work, have you ever wondered why there are so many different tools for handling graphics? After all, a picture is a picture is a picture. Isn’t it?

Warhol tvs courtesy www.repligator.comWell, yes. In the same way that Picasso and Canaletto and Andy Warhol are all artists. This week we’re going to say hello to the new baby at Coolmaps, and revisit some of our oldest and best-loved friends. These are the components that make moving pictures, in every sense you can imagine and our web sites would be lost without them.

This week: how to use the mood-enhancing components, and don’t worry - it’s all perfectly legal!


- the attention-getter


- the fresh-faced salesman


- the elegance machine


- pure pizzazz


Coming Soon - Part 2: Graphic Traffic. Ali looks at photo gallery building in Fusion and on the web, and admires the muscles of the bulk-processing components.

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