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This week I’ve been doctoring my house – trying to spruce it up, correct any faults and present it in the best possible light so that it will sell quickly and, with luck, raise the asking price. The house is lovely, but one of the main rooms is not quite right. It’s the family room, very long and very gloomy at one end. Every time I go in there I feel something is missing – notably another window. We often find ourselves eating in the dark in the middle of the day.

So I asked myself, “What would Ann Maurice do?” And then I remembered. Her favorite trick is to introduce a mirror to an area that lacks focus or light. So I did, and the result was spectacular. A dining area with no real focus suddenly gained an air of style – a smidgen of glamour! I can’t claim the credit. That simple remedy reeked of her professional know how.

How does it feel?
MagicWindow has the same professional effect on almost any web page. Vibrant. Elegant, in a more understated way even than LiveFrame. If houses have a House Doctor, then MagicWindow is the Page Doctor. It puts a little window just where you want it, to give a page something it lacks. Light. Sex. Art. Call it what you like. This component is just gorgeous.

The device is simple, but it looks reassuringly like rocket science to all onlookers. When I am making MagicWindows, I sigh and tut a lot, and pretend this is a major coding exercise. Shh don’t tell. It’s great to be held in total awe. Clients love these scrollers. They can’t get enough of them. They really are the business, aren’t they?

Outside looking in
Combine your graphics with MagicWindow any which way you want. Here are a couple of easy examples that you can achieve straight off and make yourself and your site look utterly professional.

The first example, for a fictitious travel company, shows an illustrated menu incorporated into a large, ritzy background. This makes a bold, stylish statement with very little effort and for a tiny amount of bandwidth.

Inside looking out
The second example is a refreshing way to present your staff biographies. The message is very clear: we’re creative, we’re professional, and yes, oh yes, we have the technology.

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