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Recently, in a very unlikely place (Michael Caine’s autobiography), I read an even more unlikely comment. It was along the lines of, “I learned from Paul McCartney that I should find loads of ways to earn money whilst I was fast asleep.” Many things surprised me about this. It was hard to imagine any meeting between these two Sixties icons, and when I did manage to visualise it, in my head they were talking about wine and supermodels and the South of France. They weren’t talking about marketing.

But Mr Caine is absolutely right, isn’t he? The more work someone or something does on your behalf, the less work you have to do, and the more money you can potentially earn. Of course, finding extra resources or another pair of hands to help is not always easy. This is where RandomActs comes into its own.

RandomActs can be programmed to deliver a new picture every time a web page loads, or set to rotate graphics according to your preferred timings. It’s simple to use, and very effective.

Fresh air
Your content looks fresh, and a big plus is there’s no repeated coding or design effort on your behalf. Yes, your page could change a thousand times a day, but it only has to be set up once. The page below advertises a toy shop sale. Each time someone comes into the site, they’ll notice a new toy has joined the sale section, because the graphic is set to change when the browser is refreshed.  (Hit your browser refresh button now to see all the toys. You know you want to!) It feels like you have a web designer going in many times a day to keep the content up to date.

A helping hand
RandomActs will sell your message all day and all night long. It always presents a fresh face - eager and chipper. It never gets tired, it never gets bored with saying the same thing, it won’t leave you to join the competition, and hey it never even wants paying! This is one ultra-loyal salesman you’ll be getting on the team.

Quality car sites, from BMW to VW, love rotating banners. You’ve probably drooled over the cars in the past, without necessarily noticing how the message was being served up. As in this example, sometimes graphics used simply for ambience are very effective. No one buys a car – they buy the lifestyle, don’t they?!

This page looks just like the real thing, doesn’t it? And it was made right here in Fusion 7, with help from Photoimpact 7 and the wonderful RandomActs. You don’t have to break the bank to look like a million dollars. Fusion has led this industry for years. It’s not a poor relation.

Tip: on the toy page I sliced up a bigger image and animated just the centre of it. Slicing in this way integrates an advertisement into the page design and saves on bandwidth. The outside graphics remain in position and need only be downloaded once.

It’s easy to align the bordering graphics in Fusion. In the page’s View menu select Snap to Object Outlines. The graphics will spring together neatly all by themselves.

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