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The mood: Power. Politics. Intimacy.

SlideShows are perfect for presenting themed images – one family, one message, one product range, one event etc. Because they focus both the eye and the mind in just one place, they create an atmosphere of real intimacy - even claustrophobia.

SlideShows need to present good quality images that people will naturally want to dwell on. In business slideshows tend to follow money, commonly advertising luxury cars and jewellery, if that’s not a contradiction in terms! It makes sense, doesn’t it? When someone is making a big decision and about to spend a lot of money, they want to know every last thing about their purchase - they want to luxuriate in the experience.

For non-profit sites, SlideShows are used to send powerful social or political messages. If ever you want to raise the profile of a charity, a very good SlideShow will do the trick every time. They strike at the heart, at the conscience, and usually at the wallet.

I made this little site quickly, to give an idea of what should be in your mind when selecting suitable graphics. Don’t miss any opportunity to advance a brand. This is easily achieved with the use of custom graphics. You can make your buttons and headings in the fonts and colors that match your other corporate materials. A really nice SlideShow “livery” is a joy to behold!

Scrutinise every image you intend to use, very closely. There are only a few slides in this example. Which do you think I would have left out in real life? Yes. The staircase. Architecturally it’s beautiful, but not everyone wants to pass a dead bear on the way to breakfast!

Other than that, these pictures display the charms of Los Mapas Frescos very well. Notice the open aspect of each photo - the rooms look welcoming. The graphics feel clean and crisp, like good hotel sheets should do. The design is uncluttered and inviting; it doesn’t compete with the photographs. Do you feel you’d like to visit this hotel? If so, SlideShow has done its job.

Self-expression - the personal SlideShow

Personal SlideShows - especially those that tell an unusual story - are an increasingly popular form of self-expression. I feel convinced that many are works of art and history already.

This isn’t intended to be one of them. It’s just a small SlideShow I made to remember our trip to Normandy this year. It’s not earth-shattering as are many, but I wanted it to be thought-provoking. The holiday certainly was. For information, I celebrated the launch of Fusion 7 from the internet cafe on Utah Beach! You can see the big gun on the SlideShow!

It’s cool to be able to illustrate with changing pictures like this. So unlike a book. So unlike TV. But with the qualities of both. I was tempted to use a RandomAct, and have the images scroll solemnly by themselves, but then decided against it. I want my visitors to be able to rest as long as they want on the images.

Tip: you can make custom navigation buttons quickly and easily in your image editor using the dingbat fonts already installed on your hard drive (wingdings, webdings etc.). Drop shadows are quick to apply, and lift an ordinary design into something rather stylish. Other great dingbat fonts are available freely from this site or thousands like it on the web.

Super tip: why not recycle some of your Fusion data list icons to make new buttons? You might have to flip one horizontally in your image editor to get arrows for both directions but the big benefit is that your SlideShow “furniture” will match your chosen SiteStyle! You’ll find all your icons and buttons in your Fusion Styles directory, usually C:\NetObjects Fusion 7\Styles.

You may also like to try the SiteStyle’s horizontal rules at the top and bottom of the SlideShow, to simulate a matching frame. Experiment!

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