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"At first I was quite hesitant about committing to coolmaps services - I perceived them as complicated to use and manage. I thought I would have less control over them, whereas I could "own and control" the coolmaps components. However once I took the plunge I realized just how powerful, useful and competitively priced your services are. Now that I know how they work, I can effectively sell them to my clients that I feel they are appropriate to (which I have to say is most of them!) I will encourage every new client to sign up for at least CounterStrike, and ideally others as well. You have an excellent range of useful and informative services that I believe offer better functionality, ease of use and value for money than your competitors!" - CCC Member Matt T. 6/3/01

ClubPoll2 : Live Polling Made Easy
Two of the most important objectives for websites are discovering information on people visiting the site and enticing the site visitors to come back later. A simple user survey poll achieves both of these objectives. Users are eager to answer simple questions about their opinions, demographics, and buying habits. And, they will return to your site to see how others voted, or to see if there is a new question available. Polls are fun. People like to have their opinion known. Being able to participate anonymously with a single click is very satisfying.

ClubPoll2 is easy to configure and use. Find out more about adding this visitor interactive tool to your site.
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InForm : Advanced Form Handling Service
Collecting information from your website visitor is essential. InForm is a service that allows you to gather, store and organize information that is entered into a form on your website. In addition to having the information sent to you in an email, InForm stores the information in a database on the ASP server where it stays until you want to look through it, or download it into a local spreadsheet.

Cool features such as:

  • advanced customization of form email
  • timestamp
  • online admin easily allows you to make changes without the need to republish
  • email field validation
  • integrates with's SendLetter service
and more!
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CounterStrike : Counter & Site Statistics
Keeping track of site statistics is crucial to your business. You need to know who your users are, what sites they come from, and other important details so that you can better design your site to keep your users happy and coming back!'s new CounterStrike service makes it easy to find out everything you need to know about your site and users. Just drag and drop the CounterStrike component on your page and let our servers do the rest!
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SendLetter : Cool Mailing List Service
"SendLetter is another great service for our Club members, Newsletters are an outstanding way for web companies to establish high quality relationships with their customers. We use them, and most of the big sites do as well. It is great that now our members can too.''
Tal Avitzur, President,

SendLetter allows you to:

  • Gather site visitor (Contacts) information e.g. 'Subscribe to my mailing list', includes fields for email, first name, last name and other
  • Use a Component to help build your SendLetter form
  • Specify Form Success and Failure pages.
  • Send a custom AutoReply on subscription
  • Deposit Contacts information transparently into an encrypted online database
  • Manage Contact information via your browser
  • Create Newsletter Templates and Signatures
  • Send Newsletters to selected Lists of Contacts including automatic unsubscribe option
  • Involvement of services.coolmaps server is transparent to site visitor

With SendLetter there is NO LIMIT on the number of Newsletters you can send per Subscription period, only the number of Lists you may store Contact information in, and the total number of Contacts per List. SendLetter can be used in conjunction with's InForm service.
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"I just wanted to thank you for developing the Webbies Designer Finder. I have already received two inquiries from my listing and one looks like it will turn out to make me money. Thanks again!!" BN, Oct. 1999

"We were just awarded a large site contract referred by's working great for us!" KG, Nov. 2000 phase 1 has launched! Using a cool map interface visitors can locate web developers by geographic location, great for networking or advertising your web dev business!
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clubmailer - drag and drop forms handler
An integrated forms solution. Drop it on the page, administer it via your browser.
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CCC Banner xChange
Add your banner to the CCC site and exchange banners with other members. Promote other club member's sites and have them promote yours. xChange includes full online admin and tracking.
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Support the club by buying your online products through us. Details on special prices on software for club members!
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