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ClubPoll2 : Polls Are

Two of the most important objectives for websites are

1. discover information on people visiting the site

2. enticing the site visitors to come back later

A simple user survey poll achieves both of these objectives. Users are eager to answer simple questions about their opinions, demographics, and buying habits. And, they will return to your site to see how others voted, or to see if there is a new question available. Polls are fun. People like to have their opinion known. Being able to participate anonymously with a single click is very satisfying.

ClubPoll2 can be used as both a NetObjects Fusion component and through pre-generated HTML. All of the configuation and processing is done on's services servers.

Step By Step

  1. Sign-up for ClubPoll2 service
  2. Place simple HTML or component on webpage
  3. Go to admin page to select question, answers, fonts, and colors
  4. Choose whether results are in a popup, a separate page, or simply replace question upon choice
  5. User hits page
  6. Poll portion of page is pulled in from server
  7. User votes
  8. Vote is tabulated on server
  9. server returns results page


  • All Standard and Gold members get 3 months free of the ClubPoll2 service.

  • Members of record on 12/11/2000 were automatically set-up with a ClubPoll2 service expiring on member's renewal date ... check out your admin page to see if you already have an active poll.

Do you have a question about ClubPoll2? ... Post it to the ClubPoll2 newsgroup.

NOTE: You will not be able to use the ClubPoll2 service unless you have signed up for a ClubPoll2 subscription.


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