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CounterStrike Introduction
Keeping track of site statistics is crucial to your business. You need to know who your users are, what sites they come from, and other important details so that you can better design your site to keep your users happy and coming back!'s new CounterStrike service makes it easy to find out everything you need to know about your site and users. Just drag and drop the CounterStrike component on your page and let our servers do the rest!

There are two versions of CounterStrike available.

Basic Counter

• Hit counting and reporting
• Track total hits and unique visitors
• Basic customization
• Promotional branding required


Professional Counter

• Hit counting and reporting
• Track total hits and unique visitors
• Fully customizable display
• Weekly summary reports by email
• Track visitor statistics by hour, day and month
• Track visitor browser, platform, javascript version and more!


All members get 6 months free of the CounterStrike Basic Counter service. Select Plan 1 on the Basic Counter signup page.

In addition, Gold members get 3 trial months of the CounterStrike Professional Counter service. Select Plan 5 on the Professional Counter signup page.

Got a Question about CounterStrike? Post it to the CounterStrike Newsgroup!

NOTE: You will not be able to use the CounterStrike service unless you have signed up for a CounterStrike Subscription.

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