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Inform : What It Does
Collecting information from visitors is an essential function of your site. With the InForm family of services, you can gather, store, organize, and utilize the information visitors enter into a form on your website. The basic service, InForm-Handler, is required for all InForm services. InForm-Handler gathers the information from a submitted form and emails it to you. At your option, InForm-Handler also sends auto-replies to your form submitters, checks for required fields, and forwards the information to multiple recipients.

InForm-Handler upgrades include InForm-Capture and InForm-Release. With InForm-Capture, you can store the collected information on a server, where it stays until you want to view it, or download it into a local spreadsheet. With InForm-Release, you can populate a SendLetter mailing list from which you can send out newsletters.

InForm can be deployed using a NetObjects Fusion component or through pre-generated HTML.

NEW! Fusion MX users can connect to this service directly from the standard NetObjects toolbar.

Basic Counter

  1. Your end-user fills out a form on your website. The form could be an order, registration, feedback or information request.
  2. End-user hits the submit button.
  3. An error message is returned if any required fields are not filled out.
  4. Emails containing all input information are mailed to appropriate people.
  5. End-user receives confirmation email.
  6. If you are using the Inform-Capture upgrade the submitted information is stored on a server (privacy assured).
  7. If you own a SendLetter mailing list and you have enabled InForm-Release, the email and name fields are stored in the SendLetter mailing list that you have chosen.

later on...

If the InForm-Capture upgrade has been purchased, you can access the form submitted information at any time from the services website.

If you are using InForm-Release to populate a SendLetter mailing list, you can logon to the services website to send newsletters/emails to the end-users who submitted forms.

All Standard and Gold members get 1 month free of the InForm service.

Got a Question about InForm? Post it to the InForm Newsgroup!

NOTE: You will not be able to use the InForm service unless you have signed up for an InForm subscription.

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