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"SendLetter is another great service for our Club members. Newsletters are an outstanding way for web companies to establish high quality relationships with their customers. We use them, and most of the big sites do as well. It is great that now our members can too.''
Tal Avitzur, President,

SendLetter - Overview
SendLetter is an advanced Service that allows you to:

  • Gather site visitor (Contacts) information e.g. 'Subscribe to my mailing list', includes fields for email, first name, last name and other
  • Use a Component to help build your SendLetter form
  • Specify Form Success and Failure pages.
  • Send a custom AutoReply on subscription
  • Deposit Contacts information transparently into an encrypted online database
  • Manage Contact information via your browser
  • Create Newsletter Templates and Signatures
  • Send Newsletters to selected Lists of Contacts including automatic unsubscribe option
  • Involvement of services.coolmaps server is transparent to site visitor

With SendLetter there is NO LIMIT on the number of Newsletters you can send per Subscription period, only the number of Lists you may store Contact information in, and the total number of Contacts per List.

For further SendLetter information:

03/22/00 : Attention Gold Club Members! Click here to trial SendLetter for free for 3 months!

Got a Question about SendLetter? Post it to the SendLetter Newsgroup!

NOTE: SendLetter is located at You will not be able to log into unless you have purchased a SendLetter Subscription.

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