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Name: Kitty Mead
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Why did you get on the web?
Why? Because I could! I wanted to be a part of "IT." I wanted to share my artwork with the rest of the world, and by creating my own web site, I could!

What services to do offer?
For the graphically challenged, I offer a plethora of free web page graphics for personal sites with a small licensing fee for commercial sites. Not your usual offerings, there's moons 'n stars, faces and eyeballs... in fact, one visitor dubbed my graphics the "visual viagra" of the net! Ink2Art is my business site. It's FullMoon Graphic's alter ego. Services include the whole spectrum of web page design and layout, banner and logo design, both for the web and ready for print. I also make a mean tuna casserole!

What do you like most about the web?
I love the people! I love the ability to visit places and meet people that I would never see or talk to otherwise. I am amazed and humbled every time someone pours their heart out to me after they read something on my site that strikes a chord in them. It's about the people, and how we all interact, that excites me the most.

What do you like least about the web?
Slow modem connections, bandwidth stealing, ignorance, spam, and index pages that are 5 feet long!

What for you is the most useful web technology?
I think ICQ is great! For me, it allows me to work virtually side by side with my clients that are hundreds of miles away. One particular incident that comes to mind is when there was a deadline to make, I was pumping out the graphics and whipping them 2,000 miles away via ICQ to the programmer, who was completing the site as we worked. We did make the deadline that day too! Only thing is, I couldn't join them at the local pub afterwards to celebrate!

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Why do you use Fusion?
Moyra, of "Moyra's Web Jewels," turned me on to NOF. Being the right brained, technically challenged artiste that I am, she knew that I would greatly appreciate the ease of NOF for creating my web site, and I do! I just can't afford the time to learn new tricks, and I don't have to as long as you guys continue to develop new components. By not worrying about the back end of my site, I can spend more time creating my art and content! Let's hear it for the rollover component ~ yay!!

Your favorite web sites?
Oooo, this is a tough one. Ok. On careful consideration, I would have to say that I visit a few choice web portals the most. (Kind of like buying a greatest hits CD!) There are some, my fav CoolStop and WebbieWorld where I know that inside of these portals, I will find some great web sites to browse. I visit Communication Arts frequently for their resource links. When I need inspiration and motivation, I visit my Digital Diva sisters! Each and every one of these ladies have outstanding web sites. I honestly mean that!

Do you think the web will change the world?
mmm... I don't know that it will, but I do know that the people on the web, have the potential ability to change opinions, influence people, and win friends! Powerful concept!

What do you do for fun?
This is it! I now lead the life of a mole at least 75% of my week. For fun and a little physical relief in-between my work, I have been known to dance wildly around my living room, music blasting, with my feather duster in hand! (It makes a great microphone when you're not dusting off the furniture!)

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Thank you Kitty!


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