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Member Profile - Alex Matthews

Why did you get on the web?
It was a spontaneous development. In 1984 I bought my first computer with my earnings as a paperboy. It was the legendary Commodore 64, and 20 years later I make my living with everything that is offered by the computer business. I studied multimedia producing at SAE College, and in the meantime I worked for Intel (Munich). Now I have my own company in the beautiful Black Forest. I not only enjoy the internet, but it´s become a wonderful hobby.

What services do you offer?
Web design, CD-producing, 3D, video-making, shop-making, customer management systems, virtual panoramas.

What you like most about the web?
The rapid investigation of information, the great variety of information and the work beyond frontiers.

What you like least about the web?
Spam, bad design and everything that is intellectual garbage.

What you like most about the web?

Why do you use Fusion?
Fusion is a very powerful and fast WYSIWYG editor. In combination with coolmaps components it is a very cool tool. If you know how to manage it, it is as flexible to set in as its competitors. I´ve started working with Fusion version 2. Why should I use any other? I have tested Golive and Dreamweaver. The best program in my opinion is Fusion. When the problem is really difficult, I take Homesite from Allaire and go down in the source code.

Your favorite websites? (my wife's page) (I´m always curious what´s new!) (I´m a secret Macintosh fan and I´m also proud of having a Macintosh computer - Fusion is only for Windows :-(   ) (lots of free scripts) (my favourite program for 3D) (my newest site on testserver)

Do you think the web will change the world?
The internet has changed the world. When was it ever possible to exchange information with people in other countries and to work with them like we do these days? My 52 year old mother can write emails. She didn´t even know how to turn on the old machines (like the Commodore 64, 20 years ago).

What do you do for fun?
It´s difficult when your hobbies are web design and multimedia producing! That's fun. I also do a little fitness sports, or at least I try.

Thanks Alex!

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