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At we're proud of our reputation of providing excellent post sales support. From FAQs to newsgroup support to component tutorials - if you can't find an answer be sure to let us know!

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Members are welcome to post component suggestions to the components.fusion newsgroup, use our online form, or email

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coolmaps provides comprehensive support for every component, including release history, known issues, and component specific FAQs. Select a component from the dropdown above.

The Ask Granger Archives
Granger has left the building, but you can still enjoy the Ask Granger Archives, and download the Best of Ask Granger, 1999 PDF. All the best Granger and thanks!
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component tutorials
click here to downloadNEW!! Download all the PDF Component Tutorials in one zip file here! (1.16meg) last updated May 15, 2001.

Each coolmaps component has a tutorial available in both an online and PDF format. PDF versions are currently located for download on the first page of each online component tutorial.
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coolmoves - fusion watchme's
Downloadable short movies demonstrating some of the coolest Fusion techniques and features around!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Got a general question about the Club? or this site? Having problems downloading components? Take a look through the CCC FAQ's.

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contacting coolmaps
You are welcome to email coolmaps! Whether it's about problems your having, or just cool ideas you'd like to share, we'll do our best to get back to you within one working day.

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